TOO LATE SOLD Flowers Bread SpringTexas

Price: $195,000

Est. Down Payment: $80,000

Weekly Net: $2,477

TOO LATE SOLD Flowers Bread Houston Texas

Price: $165,000

Est. Down Payment: $65,000

Weekly Net: $1,550

LSO Route Houston PENDING

LSO Route Houston PENDING

Price: $170,000

Price: $359,000

Est. Down Payment: $170,000

Est. Down Payment: $359,000

Weekly Net: $2,075

Weekly Net: $2,675

Flowers Bread Spring Texas

Price: $105,000

Est. Down Payment: $58,000

Weekly Net: $1,077

TOO LATE SOLD Flowers Bread Houston

Price: $160,000

Est. Down Payment: $47,000

Weekly Net: $1,750

TOO LATE SOLD Flowers Bread Route

Price: $180,000

Est. Down Payment: $73,000

Weekly Net: $1,750

Mission Route Slidell Louisiana

Price: $89,000

Est. Down Payment: $89,000

Weekly Net: $815


Sell Your Route for Top Dollar

Think you might want to sell your Route? Need professional guidance? The Route Guy is a must have conversations, so, give us a call. We have over 20 years of experience in delivery to many of the big names and we have perfected the ideal system for listing your route in all the right places to maximize exposure and get the right buyer for your delivery route and get you on to the next phase of your life, check in hand.


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Are you ready to become your own boss start creating wealth that you count on down the road?? Is the same old job getting to be boring or unfulfilling? Or you tired of not getting anywhere and are you finally ready to take that next step to financial independence? Then pick up the phone or contact us here to get on the road to your goals. You can trust The Route Guy to be there to help answer questions while guiding you through the complicated buying process. This is a major purchase for you and we will be here to help and answer questions along the way while assuring you of a clean and well-throughout transaction along make sure you have the training and guidance to make your new delivery route business successful. We are a full service broker offering our expertise to both buyers and sellers. We not only sell delivery route opportunities, but we WERE delivery route owners ourselves. Come see why we are the best delivery route brokers in the business.


We're there for you every step of the way.

The Route Guy sells many of the most popular and profitable route types, including Fed Ex, Bread, Snack, Beverage, Vending, and many other service and delivery routes to provide a better selection for our buyers. The Route Guy brings to the table over 20 years of experience operating and managing a wide spectrum of route types and will spend time with all our sellers to make sure have accurately investigated the financials of every route that we offer for sale to insure that our buyers have valuable and verified number to make the best decision when purchasing a business opportunity. While all buyers will be responsible for doing their due diligence and making sure they understand the indicated gross sales, markup, and nets, The Route Guy will help assist you in acquiring the records needed for you to make your decision. We are with you all the way and will provide exceptional service in hopes that if you decide to sell your route after you make it more profitable and more valuable you choose The Route Guy to resell you route when the time comes at a substantial profit.


The Route Guy has over 20 years’ experience in operating and managing many different types of routes, including bread, spices, snack foods, etc. The Route Guy has also bought and sold over 10 routes himself. He has all the expertise that you could possibly need to understand, monetize and smoothly transfer ownership of routes and its assets as well as put a route that you wish to sell on to the many hundreds of directories and listing agencies needed to successfully sell your route in an expedited way. You can be assured that your interests will be at the top of The Route Guy’s priority list. So, contact The Route Guy and let’s get you started in the commodity delivery business or let’s get your route listed for sale to the right buyer.


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